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rb-rl002 OSA | Layers of the Homelessness

album: Layers of the Homelessness

Atmospheric, powerful, club-orientated.. finest ambient music. A timeless album that draws attention to any electronic music lover.

Length 40 SEC.

Track 01 – 7022 april

Track 02 – Soppe

Track 03 – Not danceable

Track 04 – Co-mean

Track 05 – Fix discovery

Track 06 – Walzer

Track 07 – Orphan

Track 08 – Layer23

Track 09 – View IX

Track 10 – Lichky

Press comments about "Layers of the Homelessness"

Vanity Fair

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

OSA´s music can be descibed like a journey through time: Just like Arthur Dent and John Prefect the two soundsearchers Waldemar and Daniel went on on a trip through time and space to discover ambient music into a new dimension. Back on earth they stopped in Norway, Fuerteventura, Scottland and in their home country Poland. The sound they explored on their journeys was organic and anti-organic. Now they turn these into earthy rhythms on “Layers Of The Homelessness”. Vocal-samples attached to deep grooving basslines while pads carry their warm and analog melodies along.

OSA unites atmospheric as well as powerful and cluborientated music on their 10-tracker album to an impressive space and time structure and opens the 4th dimension to the listener (when the bable-fish is inserted).

rb-rl001 Tratosphere | Bazar Bizar

album: Bazar Bizar

The music of this trio is a flow through atmospheric sceneries. From dub to club, live-played tracks mixed into each other like a dj-set. What a journey!

Length 40 SEC.

Track 01 – Polarluft

Track 02 – Traveller

Track 03 – Paprika Market

Track 04 – Obsidian

Track 05 – Oslolulu

Track 06 – Budragar

Track 07 – Banana Boat

Track 08 – Dr Specht

Track 09 – Neptuns World

Track 10 – Tratomic

Press comments about "Bazar Bizar"

„tratosphare weigh in heavily with their next release. less free form experiments in jazz and more dubby trippy fat and chunky sounds a la ott. this cd is top quality mountain music – we absolutely love it without reserve. different, intelligent, explorative, groovy vibes from the swiss trio. if there is a spot, these guys are on it!“

„Bazar Bizar (2005) is a very colourful, transparent album. Tratosphere has worked on it over a long period of time, at different places with different people. The three musicians extracted the essence, their best ideas out of their numerous live gigs over the past four years, and came up with this convincing studio album. …groovy, dubby but also chilly and sometimes beatless, hypnotic….always a perfect mix between acoustic and electronic instruments, as usual! For dessert they serve a track mixed and arranged by Rastailiens!“

RäumeundZeiten | 1


The compilation. A broad mix of styles and moods produced by various artists. A must-have for your collection.

Länge 40 SEK.

Track 01 – Ralph Sliwinski - Datalane

Track 02 – Slowmod - Wide

Track 03 – Slowmod - Falling Down To The Moon

Track 04 – Tratosphere - Oslolulu

Track 05 – Slowmod - Reach Avalon

Track 06 – Slowmod feat.TK - Techon

Track 07 – Ralph Sliwinski - Motherland

Track 08 – Björn Mulik - Calling

Track 09 – Soundworkers - A New Beginning

Track 10 – Slowmod - From Africa Over Europe To India

Track 11 - Soundworkers - Timetrooper


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