This trio from Oberwalden/Luzern has played in numerous clubs and open-air festivals in Switzerland, England and Germany over the past years. Their music is a flow through atmospheric sceneries where chilling dub-beats with hypnotic pads turn into fat club-grooves.

Tratosphere plays it all live and mixes the tracks like a DJ-set merging various styles as if it is one. What a journey!

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Artist Info

The Artists

Peter Sierli _ Keys, Electronics

Peter graduates “School of Audio Engineering” in 2002 in Zurich. His imagination of sound-aesthetics is clear. He is absolutely a maintainer of function and harmony and a keyboarder with an amazing ability to design sounds which he provides for DJs for Drum & Bass and Goa projects.

Thomas Tavano_Bass

In 2003 he finishes his studies on Jazz in Luzern. He is always interested in the core of things hardly able to compromise knowing how to reduce to the essence; an incredibly grooving bassist in all frequency ranges. Thomas works on different projects such as his solo project focusing on minimal-fun

Julian Dillier_Drums

After finishing “School Of Jazz” in Luzern he studies at “Drummers´ Collective” in New York. His grooves have a unique jazzy touch. He never misses a beat playing all he has got at all times and is full of surprises! He drums, composes and arranges with bands like:

  • funk’n‘stein
  • Erb_gut feat. Peter Schärli
  • lobith
  • Ecoute-moi

Press comments about the artists

Neue Luzerner Zeitung

“Tratosphere mischen Ambient-Sounds mit trippigen Grooves und schaffen es während ihres Konzerts eine grosse Welle zu erzeugen, die immer wieder neue Stimmungen hervorbringt…nuanciert, originell und mit grosser Schubkraft ,”

Berner Zeitung

“Obwohl bei Tratosphere niemand singt, berührt dieses Musik auf mystische Weise. Diese Band ist am Puls der Zeit”.

Live-concerts between 2001-2005

  • Moods, Zürich
  • Electronic Air, Gampel VS
  • Europhonics, Dortmund
  • Openeye Festival, Bremgarten
  • Schlauer Bauer Festival, Wädenswil
  • Picadilly, Brugg
  • Peacemountain Openair, Bremgarten
  • Voov Experience, Hamburg
  • Boa, La Fourmi, Parterre, Jazzkantine, Casineum Luzern
  • UG, Zürich
  • Reithalle, Bern
  • nt Areal, Basel
  • nova, Wädenswil
  • Zak, Jona
  • Kulturwek 118, Sursee
  • Galvanik, Zug
  • Jazz in Giswil
  • alte Gurtenbrauerei, Bern
  • KUZEB, Bremgarten
  • alte Trattoria. Kerns!
  • Lakeside Open Air, Hergiswil


rb-rl001 Tratosphere | Bazar Bizar

album: Bazar Bizar

The music of this trio is a flow through atmospheric sceneries. From dub to club, live-played tracks mixed into each other like a dj-set. What a journey!

Length 40 SEC.

Track 01 – Polarluft

Track 02 – Traveller

Track 03 – Paprika Market

Track 04 – Obsidian

Track 05 – Oslolulu

Track 06 – Budragar

Track 07 – Banana Boat

Track 08 – Dr Specht

Track 09 – Neptuns World

Track 10 – Tratomic

Press comments about "Bazar Bizar"

„tratosphare weigh in heavily with their next release. less free form experiments in jazz and more dubby trippy fat and chunky sounds a la ott. this cd is top quality mountain music – we absolutely love it without reserve. different, intelligent, explorative, groovy vibes from the swiss trio. if there is a spot, these guys are on it!“

„Bazar Bizar (2005) is a very colourful, transparent album. Tratosphere has worked on it over a long period of time, at different places with different people. The three musicians extracted the essence, their best ideas out of their numerous live gigs over the past four years, and came up with this convincing studio album. …groovy, dubby but also chilly and sometimes beatless, hypnotic….always a perfect mix between acoustic and electronic instruments, as usual! For dessert they serve a track mixed and arranged by Rastailiens!“