Marc Garcia was born in Germany but moved to Spain at the age of 10. Growing up in Spain had a large influence on his future life and career. The Balearic Islands have always been the Center of European Dance culture and going out to the first clubs in the mid 80s left an impression that will always be heard in his style and arrangement of music. After watching one of his friends DJ at a local club, Marc started buying records and soon started to spin himself. In 1989 Marc moved back to Frankfurt/Germany to study Hotel Management. The following week he went to the famous Dorian Gray club at the airport. The club left a deep impression on him that he became a regular visitor witnessing Torsten Fenslau spin early Techno and house on the mighty Thorens record players. The sound system of the club was built by the same people that designed the Paradise Garage and Studio 54. Not long after, Marc became a regular DJ at various underground dance parties in and around Frankfurt. After a while he started DJing at the infamous “Air Embargo“ shop inside the Dorian Gray. In the late 90s he started to buy his own equipment and soon after he released his first track on the Sequencer EP (Rydeen Records). Through the years, he released various records and remixes. His style is always changing due to the different influences from the two cultures
he grew up in.

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